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And welcome to my website.

I am a multimedia designer and developer in Columbia, SC. I provide IT and Media support for the English Programs for Internationals at the University of South Carolina. I also work at S. Andrews Photo in the Vista, downtown Columbia, SC and actively serve on the board of Pocket Productions.

Please check out different parts of my site to see my photography, design, videos, music and more, and I hope you enjoy my humble attempts.

Kirill Simin

Wedding Photos

I've added a few of my favorite weddings to the archive. Access the albums by going to

The Great American Tour

Sherry and I have gone on a grande road trip across the USA. If you would like to see some photos from our trip, click here:

You need a password to access these photos. Please don't hesitate to email me and ask me for the password.

Zodiac finished

The Zodiac Series is complete and will be on display at S & S Art Supply for the month of October.


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As I add more albums, there will be more to search through...

Latest in Photography:


St. Petersburg, Russia

Camden Millender Portrait

Latest in Design:

Native Southeast Map

Imagination Room Cirque Du Soleil

Southern Exposure - Blake Morgan

Latest in Art:


World Clock

Custom Crafted Fine Art Portraits