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World Clock by Kirill Simin

Artist's Statement

When I was a kid, I was fascinated by clocks at airports and offices that showed the time in different cities like New York, Tokyo, London, or Sydney. I thought it was very interesting that they all showed different time. Up to this day, I find it a little funny when people talking on the phone or skyping ask each other "What time is it there?"

The World Clock is designed to connect space and time. This easy to use interactive digital art piece shows time simultaniously everywhere on Earth and makes it clear that even though the time is different everywhere, we are all living on one planet, in one global time zone.

Perhaps with time, when we are more united, we will choose some unifying index for "Earth Time"; until then, let's use this World Clock.

Lunar Phases Info

Lunar phases are the result of looking at the illuminated half of the Moon from different viewing geometries. They are not caused by the shadow of the Earth falling on the Moon's surface.

The Moon exhibits different phases as the relative position of the Sun, Earth and Moon changes, appearing as a full moon when the Sun and Moon are on opposite sides of the Earth and as a new moon when they are on the same side.

The time between two full moons (a Lunar month) is about 29.53 days on average, hence, the concept of the time frame of one month was derived.

Current Moon Phase is 87%, Waxing

How to use

Green numbers indicate minutes and seconds. They are the same in most places in the world. Yellow numbers are hours; they rotate automatically with cities.

Find a city that is closest to you, click on it, and the clock will rotate to show that city on top. Notice what time it is in other cities.

Next time you visit The World Clock, your city will stay on top of the clock.